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Products overview

Market Research and Advertising

In general, whenever a firm wants to launch a new product or service, the first step in checking for the feasibility of the project is identifying the target market. Usually market segmentation and identification of target market is done through market research comprising primary and/or secondary research. Read more

Banking and Insurance

Insurance companies are facing intense pressure due to high competition among players in the industry. So, the speed and quality of service provided by the insurance firms are to be maintained at a high level in order to attract and retain customers. Read more

Manufacturing and Logistics

Manufacturing and production events require a great deal of coordination among various units and activities such as procurement of material, inventory management, quality control checks, and assembly line operations. Manufacturing firms can be broadly classified into two types; Read more

Education and Services

Education sector has a lot to benefit from the Tablet PC market penetration, right from the student record maintenance to students taking tests using tablets PCs. Tablet Pcs are now available at affordable prices thereby enabling the teachers, school management and students benefit from using them effectively. Many special apps are designed on tablets and smartphones targeting the school children.

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Pharmaceuticals and healthcare

Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals working in hospitals use paper based system to record the responses and details related to patients. Health parameters like blood pressure, temperature, dosage and other test results are recorded using pen and paper system. Read more