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Database and form design

  • The introduction of mobile computing devices has redefined the way the businesses look at data aggregation. Traditionally, data aggregation has been carried out by companies and organizations using pen and paper based forms. But, the amount of time and money spent on data aggregation using this method is proving baneful for companies as the demand for real time information flow is growing high. With the rapid evolution of mobile computing technology, tablet PCs, smartphones and other mobile devices are expected to play a major role in business. Increased focus on Real-time business intelligence (RTBI) to streamline business processes, operations, and transactions that enable quick decision making makes it imperative for companies to adapt to this technology. With the competition in Indian tablet PC market becoming intense and the players striving to capture the market share, price of tablets is expected to decrease in future which will be a significant factor driving the purchase of tablets in India.
  • A study from economic times indicates that “three out of every four Indian businesses plan to use tablets and mobile computing by 2012 end”. This signifies the demand and need for tablets and associated services in businesses. Dattab aptly targets this need and bridges the gap between the traditional methods of data aggregation and the desired real time information flow by companies.

  • Dattab has been conceptualized as a platform that can enable bridging this gap by use of technology to make information collection, storage, dissemination and analysis from remote locations in a near-real time scenario by leveraging emerging technologies. In India where the internet penetration is hardly 10%, Dattab comes as a right choice for businesses to reach out to remote and rural areas with electronic devices and collect information successfully.

  • Dattab, a product cum service offering has a lot of business applications. From effective sales presentations, efficient warehouse management systems to analysis of customer feedback, Dattab serves as a right platform to replace the current conventional practices in many areas of business.

  • Data aggregation/integration

  • Primary market research carried out by firms to understand consumer behavior and purchasing patterns often involve field data collection. Data aggregation was traditionally conducted through paper based questionnaires or interviews. In this method researchers/users are required to carry bundles of forms as well as other equipment for interviews. Data quality and authenticity are a matter of concern as this method requires data entry to electronic formats for the sake of analysis and digital storage. Mentioned below are the two examples to illustrate the scenario of field data collection in India

    • Indian government has spent approximately Rs 22 billion on population census 2011. The data is collected by the researchers on paper based questionnaires. The method is very tedious and is prone to errors as it involves entry of data to digital format at a future stage.

    • Socio economic and caste census (SECC-2011) was carried out by Ministry of rural development, Government of India to rank households based on their socioeconomic status. The entire data collection process is a paperless one and is done using Tablet PCs. This has eliminated data entry errors as well as the time required to enter data to digital format for analysis.

    The method of using tablets in data collection is clearly illustrated in SECC-2011 which has offered a lot of benefits over conventional methods. This clearly shows the market potential for tablets in field data collection surveys.